How to check master thesis?

Done writing the master thesis? You have to check that!

You were looking forward to this day for months and at the end of the Master thesis you would like to just click Save and Print? That’s understandable, but could cost you a good grade. Ideally, you have already exchanged with your supervisor during the writing of individual sections and have scheduled time buffers in order to be able to optimally reprocess the master thesis once again. At the end you have to check the following points again or have them checked by others:

Is the structure logical?

You are someday super incorporated in the topic. Therefore, it may happen that you lose the red thread of your master thesis unnoticed, because when writing everything seems logical. Check again, if your topic blocks build on each other and conclusions are comprehensible. Such a thing especially recognizes a non-specialist reader, why you should give the master’s thesis after writing necessarily others to read. Of course, a layman does not have to understand every scientific question, but the basic structure should be obvious. If logical problems occur, you can now change outline points and, if necessary, explain them in more detail.

No plagiarism included?

Plagiarism happens quickly – without intention and without unconsciousness. Because often one has simply forgotten to transfer a source. Or after hours of reading countless sources, you just do not know what your own thoughts are and what you have remembered from one source. Before submitting your master’s thesis, you should definitely do a quick online plagiarism check. Incidentally, most universities use just such plagiarism softwares to check your work for plagiarism. The risk of getting high deductions in the grade or even failing to do the job, you reduce enormously.

Use an online plagiarism check

This takes a maximum of 30 minutes. that’s how you make sure you are safe. The software automatically compensates your work with hundreds of thousands of works and marks suspicious jobs. It shows you in a simple and structured way which parts could be problematic and in which publication similar passages were found.

Voices spelling and formatting?

With such extensive work, mistakes creep in. That’s just unavoidable. A correction program, such as the included in Word or even free online offers, shows you spelling and grammatical errors. You also need a proofreader who is fit in spelling and grammar and has an eye for formatting. Especially when converting from Word to PDF slip paragraphs or the like. For the final correction, you should print out the master thesis after writing on the PC. This is the fastest way to detect past errors.

Do you know where to print?

We carried out a thorough price analysis and found that on average our online print shops were much cheaper than copy shops – even if they offer student tariffs. The advantage is also: With online printers, you can easily compare the price directly. However, make sure you have enough time for online printing. Because despite express delivery you need for 24 hours. And save up to 50 € and a lot of stress.

Print master thesis cheaper online

We recommend the service of Bachelorprint. Because Bachelorprint is the only provider known to us with free express delivery within 24 hours. Our extensive research has also shown: Overall, Bachelorprint is the cheapest provider we could find. Incidentally, at Bachelorprint you can also have master’s theses printed – not just bachelor’s theses.

Defense of the Master Thesis: Not only writing makes the grade

An oral defense (also colloquium) is mainly known in the context of doctoral studies, in some universities / degree programs, but it is also already at the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree usual. A few weeks after submission, there is an appointment with the examination board, which will ask you once more technical questions about your work. Even a small presentation is often required. Such a defense is more than just university folklore, you can usually influence your final score with your performance. The examination regulations determine the ratio between master’s thesis and defense. Here’s an example with the ratio 8: 2: If you had got 2.6 in the written work and 1.4 in the defense, that would change the endnote as follows: Master Thesis 20.8 + Defense 2.8 = 23.6 divided by 10 = 2.36 or 2.4. You would have improved your final grade from “satisfactory” (2.6) to “good” (2.4)!

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