How to write a master thesis?

You are looking for the instructions for the perfect master thesis? Here it is – including timetable and emergency tips!

  • The most important thing to write a master thesis at a glance
  • Outline and schedule should be before you start to write the master thesis.
  • The topic must be scientifically relevant and interest you in the long term.
  • Regular contact with your supervisor saves you mistakes and overtime.

How does the writing of the Master’s thesis work?

Even if you could never imagine it in tough lectures: Your university time passes quickly and suddenly the last major hurdle is in front of you, if you have to write the master thesis. On the one hand, such a month-long scientific marathon is quite stressful, on the other hand, you have the chance to shine again with everything that you have learned during your studies. From the choice of topic to the delivery of the bound piece of jewelry, it is still a long way, but if you plan right from the beginning, you will not run out of steam in the meantime.

That’s what matters

Maintaining a supervisor and topic, proper research and research, outward appearance and good time management – it’s much more of a master’s thesis than just writing! Theses are Gesamtkompositionen. It’s not just about writing a nice text. How well you know about your field of research, how clean you can apply scientific methods, and what intelligent conclusions you draw from your research, will your Profs finally see everything in your Master’s thesis. With writing you can only start when the following important basics are:

  • Matching topic found
  • Supervisors from the department found
  • Detailed schedule created
  • Research conducted
  • Outline created

Duration of Master Thesis – Planning, Writing, Presenting

How long does it take to write a master’s thesis? On the one hand, this depends on the point from which the entire process begins for you – perhaps already at the registration, maybe even afterwards – and how complex your research part is. As a rule, the Master’s thesis consists of a practical and a theoretical section. This means that your own research / collection / creation is the basis for the content you are writing about and researching in the specialist literature. Do you need to do time-consuming interviews or data analysis? Then, of course, your working hours will be extended. As a rule of thumb, about six months or a full semester apply to the preparation of the master’s thesis. For the pure writing of your master thesis after the practical part about six to eight weeks are to be planned. Depending on the course of study, there is still a defense, ie an oral exam, a few weeks after delivery.

The stations of your master thesis

Which step comes when during the master thesis? Whether the writing begins with you even before the creation of the final outline or you combine it with the research part, of course, is up to you.

Exciting & relevant – this is how you find the right topic for your master thesis

It will accompany you for at least half a year of your life and sometimes feel completely nonsensical: the topic of your Master’s thesis must interest you so much that you can inspire you again and again, despite ups and downs. Allow yourself a few days for the final decision and possibly create a pro / con list. So you can be sure that you do not doubt your choice of topic after a few weeks. The following questions should be asked:

  • What priorities have you set in your studies even before the Master’s thesis? Did you find the writing particularly easy in some seminar papers?
  • Which questions are relevant for your department, are there any new developments or recurring phenomena that are worth investigating?
  • Can you realistically realize your research with your resources within a few months? Are there any partners from the university or industry who can support you – is even a master’s thesis available in the company?
  • Where does it attract you in the working world, can your topic support this orientation or possibly even help to make contacts?
  • Last but not least: Which lecturers of which department can you imagine as a master thesis supervisor?

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